Sardinia has a long tradition of horse riding which has perpetuated until the present day. Riding stables on practically every corner offer many different types of excursions suited to all kinds of levels, from beginner to advanced rider. You can take your pick from pony riding for kids, tours through romantic and secluded mountains over several days, and bikini-clad horse rides on the beach.

Sardinia’s hilly expanse and endless beaches make the island a perfect arena for visiting horse riders. All that is to be heard is the panting of the horse, lazy insects buzzing and birds singing. You can smell the heady mixture of the macchia and the salty ocean as the sun warms your skin. In the evening when the sun worshippers leave their posts, you can gallop freely across the beach and its shoreline, even if you are a beginner. This is a good way to experience a different side of the island and discover spots that are inaccessible by car.

Horse riding Excursion

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Horse riding is for everyone: for expert horsemen; for those who meet these lovely animals for the first time; and for everyone who likes sport, holidays, health and nature. You can ask for horse riding in riding schools; or in farm holidays, ranches, specific operators of this sector and other structures.