On board a 4×4 Discovey you reach the slopes of the Monte Nieddu massif.

Along a pleasant track you reach the lookout Palemonti (615mt s.l.m.) where, given the wonderful view, we will take the opportunity to take some pictures and exchange
some information on the area below. Once again on board the 4×4 you reach the Forestry house
where we will leave our car. After a short walk along a single track, you reach the natural pools
where it will be possible to stop for an hour or so, taking advantage of a pleasant bath and some adventurous dive.
After having traveled backwards, we will stop in an area under the pine forest to taste typical products such as pecorino, sausage, ricotta, guttiau, wine, sweets, myrtle and coffee.


Prezzo €40.00 a persona. Su richiesta, transfert a/r da Olbia € 20.00


Partenza alle 14.30 da San Teodoro

Rientro alle 19.00 circa a San Teodoro.

San Teodoro – Monte Nieddu -San Teodoro

Bambini sotto i 10anni €35.00