Rio Pitrisconi is a river that crosses the forest domain of Monte Nieddu di San Teodoro.
Along its course we will be able to admire imposing granite gorges carved by the
slow flow of the river, large natural pools and waterfalls; this canyon is
the only one where the water runs all year round! (The flow rate varies depending on the
It is a canyoning suitable even for beginners who want the first one
once faced with the adrenaline-fueled experience of canyoning.
We remind you that we are the only ones offering the transport service to the
canyon and transfer service once the canyon that brings us back to San is over
Teodoro without having to face the ascent on foot with wet suits on!

€ 80.00 per person with transfer from Olbia included
€ 65.00 per person without transfer.
Minimum group for tranfert 4 pax.



Partenza alle 8.30 a San Teodoro

Rientro alle 13.30 circa  San Teodoro

Durata: 5 ore (discesa canyoning circa 3 ore)
Dislivello: 300 metri
Difficoltà: facile (adatto anche a principianti)
NB: Requisiti richiesti: non soffrire di vertigini, sapere
Cosa portare:
Indumenti: scarpe sportive(si bagneranno), costume, asciugamano e ricambio.
Materiale tecnico (da noi fornito): muta, imbraghi, casco e moschettoni.