A day dedicated to Sardinian archeology.

We will visit the nuraghe of Santu Antine, a perfect demonstration of the refinement and architectural knowledge of the Nuragic people. Called, not surprisingly, Sa domo de su Re this trilobate still has 2 rooms above it intact.
We will continue through the enchanting landscape of the Planargia, composed of plateaus of
volcanic origin, we will cross the village Tinnura known for its Murals on the everyday peasant and pastoral life.
We will arrive in Bosa town on the banks of the Temo river, dominated by the Malaspina castle and plateaus in pink basalt.
The medieval village of Bosa offers a maze of narrow colored streets and an atmosphere of the past. Homeland of Malvasia, awarded several times to vinitaly, it should be enjoyed
with typical sweets or as an aperitif.

Return to Olbia.

Group min. 4 pax.


Prezzo €100 a persona, gruppo min. 4 pax



Nuraghe Santu Antine




Visita del Nuraghe Santu Antine e del Castello Malaspina inclusi.