about us


„If only I had a Sardinian friend to advise me…“ 

Chances are you may have thought this before planning your travels. We have been a qualified reference for experiential tourism in Sardinia for fifteen years. We offer means, tools and suggestions to enrich your stay, simplifying your choices, helping you to organize and carry out your favorite activities, alone or in a group, with the same care and attention we would if we were advising a friend. From rental (daily or long-term) of motorcycles, motorcycles or bicycles to hiking tours on the sea or inland, along proven routes or customized to your needs: with SeaBounty you choose not just professionals but fellow travelers.

Trust our Team

 Whether it is vehicles, excursions or other experiences, before we guide your choices on a product we have tried it, thoroughly, firsthand. Because first and foremost we are travelers, like you.  We know that time on vacation is precious and we know your main needs: transparency, reliability and the right price. Try us, and we are sure you will soon join all the Customers who have become our best testimonials over the years.

Paolo Piga

Founder, Product Manager

Sergio Peralda

Operation Manager

Roberta Piga

Booking & Customer Care